Monday, 29 April 2013

Bus driver nabbed for assaulting LASTMA official

A 35-year-old commercial bus driver, Abraham Ikujunni, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority and resisting arrest.
According to LASTMA authorities, the bus driver allegedly stripped an official, Oyeyemi Olusola, ripping his pair of trousers apart.
It was learnt that the incident occurred on Friday in Ikorodu area of the state.
It was learnt that the suspect was accosted for not wearing a seatbelt before the incident occurred.
A LASTMA official, who craved anonymity, said, “Around 8:26am on Friday, the LASTMA official apprehended the suspect around Odonguyan area of Ikorodu for not using a seatbelt.
“The official entered his vehicle and told him to park properly. He however drove the official into a street where there were commercial motorcycle riders
“The riders then supported the suspect and the LASTMA official was assaulted and his pair of trousers was torn. Fortunately, backup arrived and the suspect was arrested.”
 Our correspondent sighted the suspect’s statement in LASTMA office. He denied assaulting the official, but admitted tearing his trousers.
He wrote, “My bus was faulty and I was trying to fix it when the LASTMA man accosted me. He said I should park properly so as not to obstruct the flow of traffic and I parked. He wanted to arrest me and I resisted so a struggle ensued.
“He slapped me and my shirt got torn in the process. I then engaged him in a struggle and while people were trying to separate us, his trousers got torn in the process. Please, I am also a victim.”
The LASTMA spokesperson, Bola Ajao, could not be reached for comment.
Punch Nigeria

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Student To Die By Hanging For Robbing Colleague Of N2,000

An Ogwashi-Uku High Court in Delta State has sentenced a 23-year old student, Aruhor Ezekiel, to death by hanging for robbing another student of N2,000 at gunpoint.
The convict was arraigned on a four-count charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery and illegal possession of firearms punishable under sections 1 (2)a and 3 (1) of the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act Cap R.II Vol. 14 laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.
Prosecution led by Deputy Director in the state Ministry of Justice, Mr. E. Ferdinard, told the court that “Aruhor Ezekiel, on or about the 26th of July 2010 at Umu-Otu quarters within Ogwashi Uku judicial division robbed one Idakpo Friday of his Nokia handset, MP3, wallet containing N2,000, school identity card, clearance card and some complimentary cards while armed with a gun.”
He was also charged for “robbing one Ijie Theophilus of his phone and wallet while also armed with a gun.”
All victims, according to prosecution, were students of Ogwashi-Uku Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku, while the convict was a student of Ozoro Polytechnic Ozoro, Delta State.
But what of our politicians that steal billions of naira, how many of them have been hanged?

Nicki Minaj Was “So Nervous” to Become an American Idol Judge

Some love the outrageous persona of Nicki Minaj, while others think her brutal honesty is appalling. But one thing’s always agreed upon: this American Idol judge gets people talking.
Ms. Minaj sat down with Pop On The Pop and other news outlets this week to chat about the 12th season of the FOX series, favorite contestants, being harsh and if she’ll return next year. She just might considering that Nicki thinks she’s good at judging. “I’ve been spectacular. Yes, I’m going to toot my own horn,” she said.
Minaj has a horrible poker face and has already picked out her top three favorite contenders. “I would say Kree and Angie, I think are our front runners. I mean Kree, Angie, and Candice.
“Outside of their voices, they’ve just sort of won people over already, which I think is evident in what I see on Twitter, with my fans. You know those three singers have really, really made an impact not only with just a great voice that sounds like it should already be making albums, but for some reason their personality seems to win a lot of fans.”
How do you feel about winning new fans over just by being on a show like American Idol?
Nicki: I think God is good. I feel like my entire career and life I’ve been judged by people who really did not know me, but I don’t think that they—I definitely think that they probably were right to assume what they had assumed about me because there was such little to go on, you know, out there. If you only see videos and me being crazy and hearing little things here and there then obviously you’re not going to have any idea who I really am. I’m just happy that IDOL producers gave me a shot on the show for me to be able to show who I really was because I feel like I’m every single women. I really, really don’t think outside of maybe some pink wigs that there’s anything that separates me from every other woman in America, so I’m just happy that I was given the opportunity.
If you were asked to return to American Idol next season, would you do so? Have you had that much fun?
Nicki: Would I come back next season? I think people would rather be surprised. I like to save the mystery and the drama. I never give that away, but you know what, I always say this, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, that just the people behind the scenes at Idol have been just like a dream to work with and I really, really honestly mean that.
You’re kind of a polarizing person on that judging panel. How do you feel about that as an image, and are you just being you, and people are just reacting to you?
Nicki: I am absolutely just being me. I didn’t know what to expect going in to the show. I was so nervous. I had a lot of anxiety. I felt like, “Okay. I know everybody’s just going to hate me. Oh well.” There were moments in the audition process that I would say to the producers, “I can’t do this anymore because if everyone is going to give good critiques and I’m going to be the only one being honest, than America is going to hate me. I’m going to be seen as mean.” And the producers said, “Nicki, trust me, America is going to appreciate the honesty,” and that’s all I had to go on.

Rihanna’s Wedding To Chris Brown And Why We Should Send Congratulations

Hey guys! Remember when Chris Brown beat his girlfriend Rihanna all up in the face back on February 8, 2009, while they were en route to the Grammy Awards? Well, the victim of that crime is now apparently planning a beach wedding! And it’s killing me because as much as I want to shit all over this bound-to-fail union, I can’t. Chris Brown hit her in the face – hard – and it doesn’t matter why or who started it, and it doesn’t matter if she “made him mad” or if he had a really, really bad day. But I still can’t say anything negative about her wanting to marry this guy (and neither should you) because it’s not our decision.
Being a reasonable, compassionate human being sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?
Now Magazine quotes a source close to Rihanna as saying the singer wants her wedding to be a  giant, carnivalesque “Fuck You!” to the world. The source adds that Rihanna and Chris want a beach wedding in Barbados, and that the celebration will include only those who “have stood by them.”

Now, I hate everything I know about Chris Brown and for the record I think he’s a douchebag of the highest order. Actually, he’s worse than a douchebag because a douchebag at least serves a purpose. It also comes into contact with lady parts and Chris Brown should not be allowed that privilege. He’s an angry, violent, suck-hole of a carbon-based life form, and I wouldn’t cry a single salty tear if he lost his ability to get hard in a speedboat accident.
Rihanna knows as much as we do about her betrothed and more. She has the internet and can read and also? SHE LIVES WITH THE  ASSHOLE AND SHE TOOK A BEATING. We can’t and shouldn’t say a thing about their continued relationship and upcoming nuptials because Rihanna is an abused woman and she’s making decisions that come from that mindset.  Any attempt to remove her from his life will almost certainly be met with opposition (as evidenced in her ” fuck you” declaration.)
Guess what we say to new brides? Everybody smile and practice with me now: “Congratulations!” or  “I hope you have a happy life together!”  or  “Best wishes!” or anything else that is positive and not at all victim-blaming. Grit your teeth, down a few gin and tonics and just shut up about it already. Our opinion about this marriage probably being the biggest mistake and disaster in- waiting isn’t going to change Rihanna’s mind because she is an adult woman with full use of her faculties and she’s capable of making decisions, no matter how incredibly stupid we think they are.
Maybe Chris Brown has changed. I doubt it, based on the recent reports of him going nuts on a valet for a $10 charge and calling  Frank Ocean names and fighting over a parking spot. And then there was the whole “I own your p***y, bitch!” incident. It’s pretty clear from his public behaviour that he’s in possession of something my Gramma calls “an unfortunate personality.” People can change. Sometimes. But not often. Or hardly ever. But we used to think of Mel Gibson as a sex symbol and a really nice family man, so in Hollywood anything is possible, right?
So Rihanna and Chris? Congratulations. I hope you have a happy life together.

Lil Wayne is More Popular than Kanye West and Jay-Z Combined!

Start lining up those shots of cough syrup, it's time to celebrate...if you're Lil Wayne that is. Weezy's new album Tha Carter IV has beat out Jay Z and Kanye West's first week of iTunes sales after just four days.

Kanye and Jay-Z's Watch The Throne album went on sale in August exclusively to iTunes and sold 290,000 units in its first week. While this was enough downloads to beat the record previously held in 2008 by Coldplay for their album Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends it wasn't enough to top the reigning King of hip-hop, Lil Wayne.

Weezy has racked up 300,000 downloads after being available on iTunes and at other physical retailers in just four days. This is impressive because Wayne's album was available to buy everywhere and still beat Watch The Throne, which was only available on iTunes during the first four days of it's release.

Official first-week sales figures for the album will be released on Wednesday but early projections were that he would move 1 million albums in his first week, potentially beating out Lady Gaga's record setting sales for her Born This Way Album.

However, those numbers might have been a little premature because now the Hollywood Reporter is saying that Wayne will probably move 850,000 copies in it's first week. While those aren't Gaga numbers, it's still really impressive. If Tha Carter IV moves 850,000 copies it will instantly make the biggest sales week for a hip-hop album since his own Tha Carter III dropped in 2008 with 1.01 million copies.

Until the official numbers for Nielsen SoundScan come in on Wednesday we won't know exactly how many copies Lil Wayne sold. For the time being, Lil Wayne is more popular than Jay-Z and Kanye West combined and while that knowledge personally makes my skin itchy, I guess teenagers have a lot of buying power because that's what the kids are listening to right? 16-year-olds stroll around the mall buying Abercrombie t-shirts and fitted caps and listening to Weezy, don't they?

Weezy is still making those numbers even though his album leaked five days early. Adding more fuel to the Wayne vs. Kanye/Jay Z fire, their album didn't leak at all and Weezy is still selling more digital copies than them! But Jay-Z is married to Beyonce!? And Kanye West is the worlds most famous Douchebag?! Doesn't that mean anything to anyone anymore!?!?! Why doesn't that guarantee crazy album sales?!

When Weezy heard that the album leaked he just sneered, "It just means people want to hear it." Wayne told MTV News, "I mean, 'cause there're people's albums that come out that can be leaked and don't leak, so I'm glad mines leaked."

Forbes’ 2013 Richest Names in Hip-Hop List Revealed

While the names of MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game Right Now” continue to argue over ranking, a new list has been unveiled with different names entirely.
Forbes has revealed it’s data for 2013’s wealthiest artists in hip-hop. Topping the money chart is Sean “Diddy” Combs who continues his baller-status reign.
The value summary takes into account non-music ventures, so it was Diddy’s entrepreneurial spirit playing brand ambassador for Diageo’s Cîroc vodka that helped earn him his net worth of $580 million.
Following Diddy were Jay-Z with $475 million and Dr. Dre at $350 million.
Here’s how the top five rounded out:
1. Sean “Diddy” Combs — estimated net worth: $580 million
2. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter — $475 million
3. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young — $350 million
4. Bryan “Birdman” Williams — $150 million
5. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson — $125 million
Fans of reading about music artists’ extreme bank accounts will recall that the list reads exactly same order as last year’s list Though, all of the net worths received a bump in the last 365 days.
Last year’s list read:
1. Sean “Diddy” Combs — estimated net worth: $550 million
2. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter — $460 million
3. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young — $260 million
4. Bryan “Birdman” Williams — $125 million
5. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson — $110 million
According to the business publication’s website, the values are arrived at by: “looking at past earnings, valuing current holdings, leafing through financial documents and talking to analysts, attorneys, managers, other industry players and even some of the moguls themselves to find the nitty-gritty details.”

Monday, 22 April 2013

Collection Of Pictures From Tuface (Innocent Idibia) And Annie Macaulay’s Wedding

Can You Still Recall Annie Idibia’s Face (Nee Macaulay) In African Queen?

Few years back it seemed like Annie Macaulay was just an ordinary lady that featured in the famous ‘African Queen’ video, which no doubt made Tuface (Innocent Idibia) popular in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Annie looked like any other lady in that video, little did we know that she would be Mrs. Idibia. once again happy married life to the Idibias, i don't want to hear any divorce story, *wink*

No big deal posing semi-Undréss –Ex-beauty queen, Sandra Iwu

Sandra Iwu tells ’Nonye Ben-Nwankwo about her love for modelling

How did modelling start?

My modelling career began in Lagos at Catwalk Studio, Ikeja. That was where I was groomed and I began runway modelling.

Before now, the profession was frowned upon. How were you able to convince your people that you wanted to be a model?

I was already in gymnastics before I became a model. So my parents felt that it was one of those extra-curricular activities that keep children going. So, I had no problem with them.

You were once a beauty queen, tell us what made you participate in in that pageant.

I had watched several beauty pageants and I felt that one day, it could become my turn to show the world what I have got. The interest and courage of stardom made me to contest and I did. Starting from my days at Lagos State University where I became the Most Beautiful Girl in LASU in 2006 and Miss Galaxy in 2007/2008.

It is believed that most beauty queens and models date prominent men? How true is this?

It is true and not true. True in the sense that a lot of prominent men do go out of their way to date a beauty queen just to prove to their friends that they can do it. They will spoil the girl with lots of gift, cars and money. It is also not true because not all models want to be seen with society men, especially married men.

Did the number of your admirers increase when you became a model?

Definitely yes. Even when I do not know them, yet they know me. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing, and at times, it’s fun.

Are there challenges attached to being a model?

Yes, so many. Starting from changing what you wear, to places you go to and things you do at events. Moreso, the kind of people that you go out with will also change. There are several changes that one may not be prepared for so soon.

Can you pose nudé as a model?

Yes and no. It all depends on the job and scenario. I might pose semi-nudé more likely, but not outright nudé.

You are into fashion as well. Can you tell us the most expensive fashion item you have?

The most expensive fashion item I have is a wristwatch, a Rolex wristwatch and it cost me so much money. I bought it for N170, 000 or thereabout.

What can we never see you wear?

I can never wear a G-string on stage.

What do you love to wear?

I love short gowns and I wear them a lot.

Which part of your body do you see as your best asset?

I love my smile and I’ve got great legs.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

I should have more than 50 pairs of shoes and still counting.

Is it a big deal to undress and change into another outfit at a fashion show where male models are?

Of course, it is not a big deal. We are used to it. It’s part of the profession.

Would you say being a model has been profitable?

Yes, it has given me fulfilment, exposure, connections, interactions, global tours and many more.

How come Nigerian models are not really appreciated like the ones abroad?

The nation’s economy is not the same as in Europe and America. So, the remuneration is not the same.

Do you intend to stay slim all your life in order to remain a model?

I can’t really say so; everything will change as I grows and the general changes of life which come naturally.

Do we see you having kids soon or do you think it will affect your shape?

I’m not having kids any time soon. It will come as God gives me the grace to finish with what I am into now and settle for life.

How much were you paid the first time you worked as a model?

It was an MTN campaign 2004 BY TBWA ad agency. We were paid N200,000 for a year exposure.

How come you decided to be a part of Gulder Ultimate search?

It was for the adventure, exposure and with a view to proving that I’m still sporty, strong and flexible

Full List Of Winners At AMAA 2013

1) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Short Film Kwaku Ananse – Akosua Adoma Owusu: Ghana
2) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Documentary Fuelling Poverty : Nigeria
3) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Diaspora Feature Stones In The Sun : Haiti / United States
4) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Diaspora Documentary Fan Do Brasil : Brazil / Guatamela
5) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best AnimationAdventure Of Zambezia : South Africa
6) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film By An African AbroadLast Flight To Abuja: United Kingdom / Nigeria
7) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Production Design Elelwani
8) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Costume Design Blood And Henna/Nigeria
9) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Make-upThe Meeting/Nigeria
10) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Soundtrack The Last Fishing Boat
11) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Visual EffectsThe Twin Sword
12) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Sound Nairobi Half Life/Kenya
13) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Cinematography Uhlanga, The Mark
14) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Editing Hereos And Zeroes/Nigeria
15) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Lightning Moi Zaphira/Burkina Faso
16) AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Screenplay Hereos And Zereos/Nigeria
17) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Nigerian Film Confusion Na Wa/ Nigeria
18) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film In An African Language Moi Zaphira : Burkina Faso
19) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Child ActorThe Ugandan
20) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Promising Actor Belinda Effah : KokommaJoseph Wairimu : Nairobi Half Life
21) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actor In A Supporting Role Gabriel Afolayan : Hoodrush
22) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actress In A Supporting Role Hermelinda Cimela : Virgin Magarida
23) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actor In A Leading Role Justus Esiri : Assasins Practice
24) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actress In A Leading Role Florence Masebe : Elelwani
25) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Director Niji Akanni : Hereos And Zeroes
26) AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film Confusion Na Wa : Nigeria
27) Lifetime Achievement Awards:Tunde Kelani Chief Eddi UgbomaSir Ositadinma Okeke Oguno (Ossy Affason)Ayuko Badu Chief Pete Edochie
28) Special Recognition of Pillars of Nollywood @ 20:Emem IsongKanayo O. KanayoKenneth Okonkwo
29) Film/Video Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (FVPMAN)Special Jury Award:Ninah’s Dairy (Cameorun)

Govs, family agree to bury Achebe May 23

The South-East Governors Forum on Sunday fixed May 23 for burial of the literary icon, Prof. Chinua Achebe.
Chairman of the forum and Anambra State Governor Peter Obi announced this after a meeting of the governors and members of the Achebe family.
The meeting held at Enugu State Government House, had all the governors in attendance, except Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, who represented by his deputy, Mr. Eze Madumere.
Okorocha is in London, where he is receiving treatment following an auto crash on Friday.
The PUNCH had two weeks ago reported that the burial of the renowned author would be held on May 23.
Meanwhile, Obi, who spoke on the burial arrangements, also noted that plans were underway for the construction of the Enugu International Airport.
He said, “We met today and took decisions on security as well as the Enugu International Airport.”
He said, “I want to announce to you that we also met with Achebe’s family today and we have fixed his burial for May 23, 2013.”
Obi said President Goodluck Jonathan would soon be in Enugu to turn the sod for the airport construction projects.
Speaking with journalists, Ikechukwu, son of the late author, described his father as “a great family man”.
He commended the Federal Government and the South-East governors for their support to the family since his father’s demise.
He said, “The governors have also accepted to assist in his burial; we are very grateful. President Jonathan was also the first to commiserate with us when our father died; we are grateful to all of them.”
On whether the family would accept a post-humous national honour on behalf of the novelist and poet, he said, “We have not come to that yet. When such comes, we shall take a decision on that.”
He, however, added, “My father would definitely be remembered for what he stood for – a Nigeria that is fair to everybody, a Nigeria that meets the expectations of her citizens.”

Kim Kardashian Is Finally Single!

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is a single woman once again.
Her union with Kris Humphries has finally been dissolved by a judge.
Humphries who demanded $7m on the basis that his marriage with Kim was a fraud walked away with nothing.
According to TMZ ‘Kris dropped his demand for an annulment based on fraud. Each party will pay their own attorney’s fees.This is not just a settlement.  It’s a WIN for Kim and her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser.
The judge sent two different messages — on the one hand saying the status of the marriage was dissolved, but then saying it’s over when they sign the official papers.  But it seems like she’s officially divorced, especially since the judge said to Kim, ‘Congratulations on your dissolution.’

Genevieve Nnaji shares make-up free photo

This morning the Nollywood star shared this picture of herself in bed, without an ounce of makeup on and no weave. This isn't the first time Genny has flaunted her looks without makeup, she did so few weeks ago.
Genevieve Nnaji is one lady that is clearly very comfortable in her skin.

Naija Babes Now Expósing Their Bóobs Because Of Scientist Report - Karen Igho & Moet Abebe at MTV party

Since it was report that a foreign scientist warned that ladies do themselves more harm than good when they wear brás, it has been observed that many ladies now go about without brás. But it was also stated in the report that this does not concern older ladies who have been wearing brás for a long time...

The crux of the scientist findings is that younger ladies should be encouraged not to wear brás so that their bóobs won't lose some required tissue that should prevent ságging. Older ladies continue.

But it seems the reverse is the case as seen in the photo above and much more that we can't post here due to their 'over expósed' state. Please Karen and others, if your boóbs have already lost the anti-gravity battle, no need to expóse it further. Just continue wearing your brás.

After all, that's what the scientist advised. *wink*

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Kano blast injures 2 as govt begins headcount of residents

Explosives allegedly planted in a fun spot in highly populated Badawa area of Kano city, went off Friday night, injuring two persons, according to police source.
Residents of Agangara, where they the incident occurred stated that the explosions also destroyed properties which value could not be estimated as at the time of filing this report.
The state Commissioner of Police, Mr Musa Daura, said in a text message to Sunday Mirror in response to our enquiry that no deaths were recorded in the attack; he however did not volunteer further information on the blast, which occurred around 9:30pm.
Spokesman of the military- led Joint Task Force, Captain Ikedichi Iweha, told our correspondent that he was waiting for details from the field officers before he could make official comment on the issue.
“We are tiding things, as soon as we are done, I will call you people,” he said The suspected bombers, who escaped after the attack, allegedly planted the remote controlled improvised explosives at the drinking joint earlier and later detonated them.
Some residents claimed three loud explosions were heard in the direction of the JTF check-point, which could also have been target of the attack in the area populated predominantly by non-natives.
The insurgency in Kano has prompted house-tohouse head count of residents by the state government. Entitled: “House Numbering and Street Naming Data Form,2013”, all residents in the troubled town are expected to fill the form and return same to the relevant authorities.

Kogi 'Cult Clash': Poly Lecturer Stabbed to Death

Suspected cult members at the Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, Friday night stabbed a lecturer to death during a crisis of supremacy that ensued between two warring cult groups. The victim, Mr. Anthony Abimaje, a senior lecturer in the Department of Entrepreneur and Research, was said stabbed in the abdomen due to his hard stance on examination malpractices in the school.
An eyewitness account disclosed that the late lecturer came into the campus at about 10pm to pick his wife, who was running a makeshift shop in the campus when one of the cult members identified him as a hardliner against exam malpractices and suddenly bounced on him, stabbing him in the process. Another account said the lecturer came to the scene of the riot as a peacemaker to separate the fight between two rival groups, when he was stabbed in the stomach by one of the rampaging students.
The man described as a born-again lecturer was said to have died on his way to the hospital before medical help could reach him.
The polytechnic is said to be notorious for cult-related activities and tribal crises that are tearing the institution apart. Only a forthnight ago, a lecturer was reportedly stripped naked after being beaten black and blue by a female student and her boyfriend for his refusal to 'cooperate' during examination period.
In the past, the institution had been closed down severally by the government due to ethnic polarization and cult-related issues But the appointment of the current Rector, Prof Mathew Ajibero few years ago seemed to have greatly reduced the crises. When contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the polytechnic, Mr. Tijani Yakubu, described the incident as unfortunate and said that the institution had been closed down indefinitely by the authorities of the polytechnic.

For ladies & gentle men: Fashions that can kill you.

Everyone likes to be viewed as fashionable but sometimes being fashionable comes at a high price. Here are a few fashion trends that are detrimental to your health:
1, Skinny Jeans
Tight-fitting jeans can cause a large number of problems including urinary tract infections and yeast infections for women and twisted testicles and bladder weakness for men. A study also found that tight-fitting pants can cause low sperm count and fungal infections.
2, High Heels
High heeled shoes do a lot of damage to the entire body from head to toe. High-heeled shoes cause bunions, foot arthritis, knee and back pain.  Also forcing your feet into the wrong size of shoes can cause nerve damage.
3, Flip Flops (Slippers)
Flip-flops offer no support to your foot, increasing risk of injury to the feet, ankles, knees and lower back.  The lack of support can leave a person susceptible to nerve problems.  According to a report from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, flip-flops also change the way a person walks, forcing them to grip the sandal with the toes and putting unnecessary strain on a different set of muscles.
4, Extremely Large Handbags
Some women are notorious for carrying around enormous bags despite the pain that it inevitably causes.  Heavy bags can cause significant back and neck pain. Skinny straps also can dig into the skin and bags that are not worn properly can even lead to nerve pain.  So, is everything in that bag really a necessity?
5, Portable Music Players
This has now become a very popular accessory – for men and women, young and old.  And yet, blaring music directly into the ears is definitely not a good thing.  Headphones can blast sounds at 110 decibels, roughly equivalent to a rock concert and twice the volume of normal conversation. If a personal standing near you can hear the music coming through the headphones, then it’s too loud. In fact, as little as 15 minutes a day with loud music can do serious damage. Plugging the ears also multiplies the amount of bacteria inside the ear.
6, Tight Underwear
For men, wearing tight underwear can cause an increase in temperature in the area around the testes, which can lead to infertility.  Jock itch, a fungus that grows around the groin area, can also be triggered by friction with clothing and prolonged wetness in the groin, such as sweating.  Urinary tract infections have also been tied to wearing tight, non-breathable underwear.
7. Tight waist girdle (damages the uterus)
 The uterus is the organ that suffers the most from tight waist girdle. Depending upon how early the tight waist girdle process is started, the uterus can fail to develop properly due to the inactivity of the abdominal muscles. Women also suffer from a lapsed uterus as a result of tight waist girdle. This is when the womb starts to collapse because there is not room in the abdomen for the womb to expand fully. As early as the beginning of the 20th century it was known that a displaced uterus could be the result of tight waist girdle. In his book, Displacements for the Womb published in 1912, Dr. Hartland Law explains that every time the bladder or rectum empty, the uterus is temporarily displaced. Without the effects of tight waist girdle this would not be a problem. However, tight waist girdle makes the ligaments that normally lift the uterus back into place weak and unable to perform this simple yet crucial task. Permanent displacement of the uterus is the result of these weakened ligaments. The uterus slowly moves to the lower back causing pain in the head and back and creating an inability to stand or walk for long periods of time. Because the uterus is not in its proper location, it does not completely empty of blood during the menstrual cycle. It eventually become so full with excess blood that through labor pains it is finally expelled.
As is the case for men, women wearing tight, non-breathable underwear can create an environment that does not stay cool or dry.  This environment can lead to urinary tract or other infections.  Thong underwear causes significant friction and can cause abrasions and, potentially, actual wounds.  Yeast infections also are more common among women who wear thongs.

Relationships: Things Women Do That Scare Men Away

1. Being too controlling
Men don’t like to be controlled. Texting a guy thrice a day to ask where he is, demanding access to his email, and asking that you exchange Facebook passwords is not only annoying, but it suggests that you don’t trust him to behave.  Don’t follow him about and demand to know his whereabouts at all times.
2. Acting as if he’s on trial
You’re in a relationship to get to know him, not evaluate whether or not he meets your standards. Questions like “how many children do you want?” and “what is your five-year plan?” are important, but you will come off as an interrogator if you do it all the time.  It might be necessary to know if his life plans are compatible with yours but it’s wise to keep the discussions light until your relationship matures.
3. Showing a strong dislike of children
Women are supposed to be nurturers, so if you show a strong dislike towards children, you will seem abnormal. Don’t shout at parents when their baby is crying or be mean to little children. No matter how nice you are to the guy, he’s going to think that you’re secretly evil if you mistreat the vulnerable.
4. Being a daddy’s girl
Just like women don’t like a mummy’s boy, men are also afraid to be involved with a daddy’s girl. There’s nothing wrong with being close to your parents but if they exercise too much control over your life and your choices, it could be discouraging to your partner.
5. Telling your friends EVERYTHING!!!
Guys definitely get scared when they realise that your girlfriends know everything about your relationship. No matter how close you are to your girlfriends, realise that the guy’s going to feel a little violated knowing that his relationship with you is a daily topic.
6. Being close to an ex
No guy would like the idea of you remaining close friends with your ex. In addition to getting scared that you’ll cheat on him, your new man might worry that you’ll never really open up to him since you already have a figure in your life who understands you intimately.
7. Being bitter about past relationships
On the other hand, being too bitter about your exes will make you look like you’re bent on revenge and that you will take out all your bitterness on him.
8. Trying to change him
No guy wants to feel like he’s your personal project. If you think he needs to improve, you need to encourage him, not try to change him.

See Fashionable Dress Created Out Of Thousands Of Colorful Rubber Bands

Bulgarian-born designer Margarita Mileva spends around 90 hours painstakingly knotting rubber bands together to create wearable dresses. Her latest creation has about 18,500 rubber bands.
Back in 2011, she created a stunning pastel dress out of 14,235 pieces of rubbery office supplies. She beat that record by knotting together a 10-kilogram garment from orange and black rubber bands, inspired by the spirit of Polynesia and the tattoos of the Maori. It took 150 hours to complete, and comes with matching rubber band shoes. “I always had an eye for jewelry and love to design clothes, knit and make collages,” 49-year-old Mileva says. “So when I started making jewelry from reusing paperclips, punched business cards and rubber bands, it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Rubber band dresses were the next step – I am trying to create unique pieces that I would like to be seen as conversation openers.”
Although she admits her fashionable rubber band dresses are pretty heavy and she has never worn them herself, Margarita says the models really like them. She does wear many of the rubber band accessories she designs, and likes to see people’s reactions. If you’re looking for a unique wedding dress to surprise everyone on your big day, the New-York-based designer says she is open to taking custom orders. She also sells rubber band accessories through her Etsy shop.

Strictly For Women: Do You Want A Bigger Bum?! Then Eat More Of These Foods

Girls with Big Butts (55 pics)
A lot of women go to great lengths to increase the size of their backside. Some of them suffer horrible side effects. There’s no need to wear those fake pads or take toxic injections.  Do it the natural way by eating these foods :
1. The first type is protein. Eating a good amount of protein will make your bum bigger. Some foods that contain protein that you should be eating are chicken breasts, turkey chest, lean beef and protein drinks.
2. Another type of food that makes your backside bigger is complex carbs. Some complex carb foods that you should eat are oats, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and whole wheat bread. This type of carbs will help keep you lean and sexy, while helping you get a bigger booty.
3. The third types of food that you should eat are veggies and fruits. A few that you should definitely eat are grapefruits, apples, bananas and green beans.
In conjunction with eating the types of foods that were mentioned above, you should also do exercise. This will help you get great results quicker. Some exercises you should do include aerobics, squats, lunges, leg presses, and step-ups.
What are you waiting for? Eat and exercise for a bigger and shapelier bum today!

I'm Not Genevieve Nnaji's Daughter - Nengi Warikoko Replies Rumour Mongers

This is a response to earlier post stating that the lady above is Genevive Nnaji's daughter as the lady denies the claim by making clearly her identity.
Note from Nengi Warikoko to Stella

Enquirer website carried the breaking news that Nengi Warikoko is Actress Genevieves Daughter and they even renamed her 'Chimebuka'. The BB circulation says that Genevieves long lost daughter had been revealed.

Well I did copy and paste(so to say)and asked if the person in the picture was indeed Genevieve's child ,knowing this rumour was coming in a second time and we all know the adage of 'no smoke without fire'

Nengi nicely contacted me and debuked being Genevieves child...

This is the second time she will be put on the hot-seat as being the famous actress' daughter.

Nengi must have read the comments here on the other story cos she sent more pictures and said there was no iota of resemblance between her and the actress.

This is what she said
Dear Stella,

I just got a link from someone concerning a post on your blog. I am the person in the pictures. The pictures are like 2yrs old, I am 22 and a graduate of university of port harcourt, Mbgn Tourism 2010. I am not genevieve's daughter. You can check my facebook page Nengi Warikoko and my instagram @call_her_khal. There is no striking resemblance.

Thank you,
Best Regards''

See the pictures she sent to show there is no nose.eyes,teeth or hair resemblance oh.

CA Man Shoots Stripper, Then Kills Himself Inside Strip Club

A man walked into a Rialto, California strip club and shot an exotic dancer before killing himself, reports
The incident took place at the Spearmint Rhino strip club. The man, who was in his 40′s, asked the dancer, in her 20′s, to go into a private room with him and was rejected. That’s when he pulled out the gun, shot the dancer in the face before turning the gun on himself.
According to a friend of the dancer, the man had been a fan of hers, going to the strip club daily to watch her perform. CBS Local reports that he allegedly brought up all the money had spent on her in the last year before pulling out the gun and shooting her in the face.
There were reportedly approximately 20 people in the room when the shooting occurred. According to police, the Spearmint Rhino does not check for weapons before entry.

Solar Impulse, Sun-Powered Plane, Completes Test Flight Above San Francisco Bay Area

A solar-powered plane that has wowed aviation fans in Europe took to the skies Friday over the San Francisco Bay area in a successful test flight.
Considered the world’s most advanced sun-powered plane, the Solar Impulse took off from Moffett Field in Mountain View at first light for a two-hour practice run in advance of a planned multi-city, cross-country tour.
“That’s a mythical step in aviation,” André Borschberg, one of the plane’s pilots and creators, said about flying cross-country. “We are something like between 1915 and 1920, compared to traditional aviation, when pioneers tried these non-stop flights.”
He said a flight around the world could occur in two years.
The Solar Impulse is powered by about 12,000 photovoltaic cells that cover massive wings and charge its batteries, allowing it to fly day and night without jet fuel. It has the wing span of a commercial airplane but the weight of the average family car, making it vulnerable to bad weather.
Its creators say the Solar Impulse is designed to showcase the potential of solar power and will never replace fuel-powered commercial flights. The delicate, single-seat plane cruises around 40 mph and can’t fly through clouds.
Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse co-founder and chairman, said the plane should be ready for the cross-country journey on May 1, depending on the weather.
“We like nice weather. We like sunny days,” Borschberg said.
Stops are planned in Phoenix, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and New York. Each flight leg will take 20 to 25 hours, with 10-day stops in each city.
Between Dallas and Washington, the plane will also stop at one of three other cities – Atlanta, Nashville or St. Louis.
Borschberg said the plane’s creators are close to being able to launch the non-stop flights needed to go around the world.
Using solar power, “we are close to the notion of perpetual flight,” he said.