Monday, 15 April 2013

The 3 New Hottest Female Singers In Nigeria, Pick Your Favorite (Emma Nyra, Niyola, Seyi Sha)

Seyi Shay has effortless beauty and offers a very classy and clean cut image.  She seems to find a way to balance her image between sexy and classy.  She never shows too much skin, but shows just enough to keep the mind wondering.  She seems to be on top of all of the latest trends, and never misses a beat. If she is dressing herself and does not have a stylist, kudos to her! This girls fashion sense is on point! Her musical style gives off a hip and mature vibe that is very applicable to the Nigerian club scene. Her soft melodic voice in her single, "Loving The Way" perfectly branded her as the good girl next door. She definitely has the potential to be Nigeria's sweetheart.

 Niyola is your typical Naija girl.  Though some may see that as bad, we will tell you why it is such a good thing.  She can relate to almost every girl in Naija. She's sassy and spunky and comes off very soft spoken on her records. Out of all of the new upcoming artists she has by far been the one given the most hype and recognition, so we'll see what she does with it this year.  Her style of dress is always very trendy and daring.
Emma Nyra offers something completely new to the Nigerian music scene, which is why it will be very interesting to watch the evolution of her career. Unlike any other female Nigerian singer to grace the music scene, Emma Nyra is BORN and RAISED in the United States.  She has an unpredictable edge in her style, and a unique swagger in her voice and accent. It's quite difficult to pin point her style of dress because she seems to change it with every appearance she makes.

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