Monday, 22 April 2013

Naija Babes Now Expósing Their Bóobs Because Of Scientist Report - Karen Igho & Moet Abebe at MTV party

Since it was report that a foreign scientist warned that ladies do themselves more harm than good when they wear brás, it has been observed that many ladies now go about without brás. But it was also stated in the report that this does not concern older ladies who have been wearing brás for a long time...

The crux of the scientist findings is that younger ladies should be encouraged not to wear brás so that their bóobs won't lose some required tissue that should prevent ságging. Older ladies continue.

But it seems the reverse is the case as seen in the photo above and much more that we can't post here due to their 'over expósed' state. Please Karen and others, if your boóbs have already lost the anti-gravity battle, no need to expóse it further. Just continue wearing your brás.

After all, that's what the scientist advised. *wink*

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